woah, i got on tumblr.

i just don’t get on, ever. i’ve been trying to get away from social networks lately. just thought i’d come back and stuff for a little while.

i still love emma and molly and kayla and paige and carly.

i saw manchester orchestra, they were totes awesome.

andy lost a lot of weight….he’s hawt.

i just want school to be over for the love of God.

the whurlitzers new song lucy is really cool.

my new starbucks drink is white mocha.

mollly’s car……….is awesome.

pele is still cute.

prom was lame, but my date was so cute.

i don’t hate you bret, i just hate what you choose to do sometimes… (a lot of the time) but i don’t hate you, and if i did hate you, why would it be a big deal?